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Shri Swami Swaroopanand Temple pawas

A great saint, poet and spiritual Guru of modem time’s swami swaroopanand was born on 15th December, 1903 in Pawas (a humble village) at about 20 km from Ratnagiri. His full name was Ramchandra Vishnu Godbole. As a response to Mahatma Gandhi’s appeal, he dropped out of college and started practicing self-reliance, national education, home spun thread and Indian articles ‘use. He started a school based on national ‘grace of Guru’ by Ganeshnath alias Baba Maharaj Vaidya at the age of 20. He had participated in the non-co operation movement against the British when he won a student. As a …

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Ratnadurga Fort

The history tells us that the son of Goa king Vijay Dev – King Bhoj in the times of Shilahar dynasty erected this fort in 1205 and is known today as Ratnadurga! Ratnagad or Bhagwati fort. The shilahar dynasty ruled over the south konkan between 800 BC to 1260. Technically speaking, the fort itself was named as Ratnagiri or Pethkille Ratnagiri. The fort of horseshoe shape has the area of 120 acre and has the length of 1300 meter and width of 100 meter. Though some believe that King Bhoj Raj created the fort, there are others who believe that …

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Thiba Palace

One of the major attractions of Ratnagiri city situated on a small hillock. There is also a best sunset point from here. The Thebaw Palace was the home of the exiled king and queen of erstwhile Burma for nearly five years. Some of the selective stone tombs and belongings are still preserved in the palace.       Thiba palace is one of the big attractions in Ratnagiri. The Thiba palace Road leads you to the palace and then you witness a red coloured, Mangalore roof and the equally red coloured palace on a huge ground- that makes the Brahmi …

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Jaigad Fort

Jaigad Fort : Jaigad Fort is located at the tip of a peninsula in the district of Ratnagiri. It overlooks the bay formed at the place where the Shastri River meets the Arabian Sea. This fort is about 35 km from the region of ganpatipule and has a lighthouse nearby which is known as the Jaigad Lighthouse. Though the fort is in ruins, the exterior walls are an attraction because of the bulwarks. On the eastern and northern part of the fort, there is a deep pit or a �khandak� and its door is on the right side of the …

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Ratnagiri Marine Fish Musuem

here is a small aquarium in Ratnagiri city. Main attraction of it is Huge skeleton of a Whale. Unfortunately some visitors to the aquarium have written their names on it spoiling the artefact. There are a number of specimens of exotic fish and turtles in tanks. The aquarium is certainly worth a visit if you have the time and inclination. The station is maintaining a marine aquarium having some rare and beautiful specimens like Sea horse fish, Lion fish, Trigger fish, Sea-turtles, Eels, Sea – cucumbers, Star fish, Lobsters, sea snakes and many more which is well supported by sea – …

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Ganpatipule Temple – गणपतीपुळे मंदिर

Ganpatipule Temple Laced with evergreen ranges of Sahyadri and an endless stretch of upolluted silver sand, lined with innumerable trees of mango, cashew, coconut and casurians at the coastal side of kokan is Ganpatipule which is a ‘Swayambhu’ (self – originated) holy place of Lord Gajanan. This place is a famous pilgrimage center too. Many devotees have generously donated to the Dietym the daily activities at this holy center, festivals and many other programms carried out at Ganpatipula, a place of scenic splendours at the western coast of India. We are please to publish this android app to introduce the …

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Murud Janjira


A wooden structure created in 16th century by some fishermen in order to seek protection from pirates, today this impregnable fort serves as an important tourist attraction. It is also believed to be the stronghold of the Siddy Dynasty. What makes this structure all the more striking is its beautiful location and surroundings. Situated on an oval shaped rock about 15 kms from Diveagar, the place is flanked by Arabian Sea on all sides. The fort was renovated to the present structure and now comprises of numerous towers and turrets for the storage of ammunition with aim of seeking security. …

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