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Aare – Ware Beach – आरे वारे समुद्र

Ever wondered how to feel the ‘state of meditation’ while travelling? Just head to the virgin beaches of Aare-Ware in Ganapatipule to experience that! For that matter, every unexplored place has a charm that has a soothing effect on us.

Aare-Ware is a safe and blue water beach in Ratnagiri. It is located near Ganapatipule.  The road travels past a high cliff, below which the sea waves ferociously lap without pause. It is blessed with a heavenly seashore with a clear view for miles across the blue waters was not known to many. But thanks to the new, shorter road being built to connect Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule, Aare-Ware has found a place for itself on the tourism map of Konkan.  At Aare-Ware, the road travels past a 100 feet high cliff, below which sea waves lap ferociously without pause. In fact, the road hugs the seashore for a length of some 7 – 8 Km. As of now, there are no amenities available and tourists are greeted only by diving sea gulls and barren cliffs.

Since this is an unexplored beach, the water is very clean and the shores are pristine without any garbage. The lush green vegetation of Konkan surrounding the beaches act as an ‘icing on the cake’. Therefore, Aare-Ware Beach is one of the most scenic and quaint destinations in Maharashtra.

Idyllic environment, pristine sea shore and noiseless surroundings make it worthwhile to travel here. Aare-Ware beaches are a little difficult to reach as they are far from the city side. Maybe you will feel a little let-down because of the distance, but your mood will change once you reach there. You will be mesmerised by the scenic locales of the beach.

How to Reach Aare-Ware Beach?

Aare-Ware Beach is located enroute to Ratnagiri from Ganapatipule. It is in a village named Bandarpule. You should book any private vehicle or go by your own vehicles as there are no government buses to reach this destination.

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