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Ganpatipule Beach – गणपतीपुळे समुद्र किनारा

Ganpatipule Beach :

Ganpatipule with a series of pristine beaches apart from the ganpatipule beach itself makes ganpatipule an ideal holiday destination for a beach lover.

“Sparkling blue waters, endless stretches of golden or silver sand, sun beams dancing through the swaying palms, waves playing with the sand dunes, a cool breeze whispering sweet nothing in your ear. This is the land of ganpatipule, one of Maharashtra’s almost virgin beaches.”

Take a break from the city and escape to the beautiful shores of the Ganpatipule Beach. Known around Maharashtra for its calming waves and deep blue sea, this is one of the most preferred destinations for holiday makers and pleasure seekers. The deep azure of the seas will definitely calm your nerves frayed by the city.

Why  Ganpatipule ?

This is the best beach  may be due to the fact that its a long beach, you can setup your own isolated spot. Its NOT at all crowded and best of the best its damn CLEAN. Yes you heard me it was completely clean.
you can drive ATV here.
Go for banana ride
Enjoy Parasailing
Ride on horse
if you still not satisfied you can drive your own vehicle on the beach, what else you need ?

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