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Ratnadurga Fort

The history tells us that the son of Goa king Vijay Dev – King Bhoj in the times of Shilahar dynasty erected this fort in 1205 and is known today as Ratnadurga! Ratnagad or Bhagwati fort. The shilahar dynasty ruled over the south konkan between 800 BC to 1260. Technically speaking, the fort itself was named as Ratnagiri or Pethkille Ratnagiri. The fort of horseshoe shape has the area of 120 acre and has the length of 1300 meter and width of 100 meter. Though some believe that King Bhoj Raj created the fort, there are others who believe that it was already constructed and king Bhoj-Raj just re constructed some of its part. Later in 1670, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj won it over from the custody of Aadilshah and again 1761. After the Panipat Battle the imposter of Sadashivrao Bhau won it over.

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