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Ratnagiri Marine Fish Musuem

here is a small aquarium in Ratnagiri city. Main attraction of it is Huge skeleton of a Whale. Unfortunately some visitors to the aquarium have written their names on it spoiling the artefact. There are a number of specimens of exotic fish and turtles in tanks.
The aquarium is certainly worth a visit if you have the time and inclination.
The station is maintaining a marine aquarium having some rare and beautiful specimens like Sea horse fish, Lion fish, Trigger fish, Sea-turtles, Eels, Sea – cucumbers, Star fish, Lobsters, sea snakes and many more which is well supported by sea – water filtration and re-circulation system.
Taking into consideration the growing demand of general public about aquarium, a beautifully arranged and well decorated separate freshwater aquarium section has been recently developed. In this section, along with beautiful and fancy colour fishes, one can also observe locally available freshwater aquatic species like prawns, crabs, turtles, barbs and aquatic plants.


The station has developed a unique fisheries museum comprising of about 1300 nos. having important specimens comprising fishes, crustaceans, molluscans, specimens, which includes of freshwater, brakishwater and marine water habitat of Konkan coast. All these specimens are identified and classified upto species level. This museum also possess well mounted precious and age-old skeleton of Whale. The original length of the whale being 55 feet long and 5000 Kg in weight is strongly appreciated by everyone who visits this station.

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